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Northeast United Volleyball Academy

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Northeast United Volleyball Academy programs are designed to prepare athletes for their future with the sport. Young athletes will learn the skills needed to advance. Regardless of current skill or age, we are dedicated to providing athletes with the experience of elite training, where their athletic potential maximizes individually and collectively with each practice. We make an effort to help each player optimize their potential in all levels of athletic and intellectual development, promoting integrity, discipline, and respect on and off the court. We want our athletes to love and honor the sport.

  • Develop interest and encourage participation in volleyball.

  • Provide players with advanced technical training.
  • Encourage and help athletes pursue higher education by providing maximum exposure to college volleyball programs.

  • Provide assistance for athletes to play at the collegiate level if that is their goal.

  • Teach sportsmanship and teamwork which players may then apply to other areas of their life.

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Bear Creek Community Charter School

30 Charter School Wy, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

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The Sidney and Pauline Friedman JCC

613 S.J. Strauss Ln, Kingston, PA 18704

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Gymnasium at The Salvation Army of Wilkes-Barre

17 S Pennsylvania Ave, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

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